Reminder: Free #knitting and #crochet lessons on Saturday!

Hi everyone! Friendly reminder about knitting this Saturday at the Windmill Pub, Cricklewood¬†from 3pm. I'll be working on my waterfall cardigan, a knitted ribbed rectangle so far, which I expect will take me longer than I originally anticipated but hey ho. Looking forward to seeing what you've got to work on. As always, if you'd … Continue reading Reminder: Free #knitting and #crochet lessons on Saturday!

Reminder: Knitting today! 3pm Cricklewood

Hi All, Really quick reminder that it's the next installment of the North London Stitch Up today! Hope you can make it - 3pm at the Windmill Pub, Cricklewood. EDIT: Did I mention it's free? I've been knitting, crocheting and needling things for ages and I'm pretty good at it and get so much pleasure … Continue reading Reminder: Knitting today! 3pm Cricklewood

Crochet pattern: super classy loo roll holder

I am attending a housewarming party later in the week, and though I was asked to get Amazon vouchers as a housewarming gift, I don't get paid for a few weeks so decided to make something super classy instead for the man who will be able to buy anything at all on the internet when … Continue reading Crochet pattern: super classy loo roll holder