Reminder: Free #knitting and #crochet lessons on Saturday!

Hi everyone!

Friendly reminder about knitting this Saturday at the Windmill Pub, Cricklewood from 3pm.

I’ll be working on my waterfall cardigan, a knitted ribbed rectangle so far, which I expect will take me longer than I originally anticipated but hey ho.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got to work on.

As always, if you’d like to learn to knit or crochet, please send me an email and I can make sure to bring spare stuff for you to borrow or recommend things to buy if you have the time.

See you there!


Pattern idea: Waterfall Cardigan

Hi All,

Another successful North London Stitch Up yesterday. We welcomed two new members into the group – Kay and Rachel. A lot of crocheting, which was nice as I’ve been working on a stripy blanket to use up as much of my DK as possible. Some of the yarns in this work in progress have a story – a few gifts from friends, a few that I bought to make gifts for friends and family, the turquoise was from the stash of a friend’s mother who passed away a few years ago, so every time I work on it I’m thinking about the people I love. When people say I should sell the things I make, I don’t think they realise how big a deal it is sometimes to let go of something you’ve put so much energy into!


Do a base chain row measuring about 6ft, ch3 and then dc into each st, changing colours at the end of each row. My plan is to just keep going and going until it’s a square, it takes about 25 minutes per row. The skull cushion was a housewarming gift from Tessa and is my favourite cushion ever!

So anyway, the point of this blog post. I have a lot of waterfall cardigans. They suddenly came into fashion a few years ago and are extremely flattering for curvy women. You can get them quite cheaply and in really thin jersey knit so they’re ideal to wear in the summer for work (especially to cover up all my tattoos) or in chunkier wool for the winter. The best part is that I think they might be pretty easy to make.

A chunky knitted version of this is what I have in mind.

A chunky knitted version of this is what I have in mind.

Looking at the cardigans I already own, I reckon this would be pretty easy to do without sleeves. 3 rectangles (or 1 rectangle for the back and 2 squares for the front depending on how flowy you want it). Then join them together with gaps left for the arms and finish with a crocheted border. As is my way, I’m just going to start doing it and see how it goes and then post the results here in a few weeks.

I’ve got 4x balls of King Cole Glitz Chunky in 175 Black that I bought from London Haberdashery a few weeks ago. It says on the label to use 6mm needles but based on how I did the cable knit neck warmer I think I’ll try 7mm needles. And I’ll be using the cardigans I already own as a guide for the sizing. When I post the pattern it’ll be in my size so should fit anyone between UK 12 and 16.

Wish me luck!

PS: You might be able to get a pattern for this already for free online. I’ve deliberately not looked into this as I want to design something myself but I have just recently joined Ravelry and have found a couple of patterns I love already. Feel free to add me – carmenliveshere :-)

PPS: I was given this amazing book for my birthday last year about how to make your own clothes. It’s for sewing but a lot of the general principles about shaping and designing are the same, I really recommend it if you’re new to making things and want to make some clothes. You use your favourite clothes as a guide (which is what I’m doing with my cardigan) and though they have step by step tutorials, you can very easily adjust them and make them your own.

Reminder: Knitting today! 3pm Cricklewood

Hi All,

Really quick reminder that it’s the next installment of the North London Stitch Up today!

Hope you can make it – 3pm at the Windmill Pub, Cricklewood.

EDIT: Did I mention it’s free? I’ve been knitting, crocheting and needling things for ages and I’m pretty good at it and get so much pleasure from a hobby with something tangible and beautiful at the end that I would love it if more people could share it with me. If you ever saw someone wearing something and thought “that must have took ages, I wish I had the patience” then the North London Stitch Up is here to help. I crochet on the commute, knit in front of the telly, any time I’m sitting there otherwise doing nothing, I like to make something positive. I don’t earn any money out of what I make but it’s fine if you’d like to. I can also give a bit of advice about how to sell things you’ve made on Etsy or Folksy if that’s your goal.

But if your goal is to sit down with a pint and have a bit of a yarn, then you’re in good company :-)

We can teach you to knit, crochet and embroider (cross stitch, tapestry, or just make it up as you go along). Let me know if you need me to bring anything to help get you started. I’ll have a few spare sets of knitting needles, crochet hooks and DK wool when I get there.

See you later!

Lovely light in the Windmill

Ridiculously warm neck warmer


Bought 5 balls of glittery black yarn from Sophie in London Haberdashery and used just under 1 ball on this with a set of 6mm needles.

Initially I wanted to do it in the round but then saw someone on the tube with a horizontal cable knitted scarf and I really liked the way it sat. The twists are pretty easy to do. I bought a kinky cable needle but you could probably use a big safety pin and just slip the stitches back onto the needle. Ymmv.


Cast on a multiple of 18 plus 3
Row 1: *p3, k6* to end of row (RS)
Row 2: *k3, p6* to end of row (WS)
Row 3: *p3, C6f, p3, k6* p3
Row 4: repeat row 2
Row 5: repeat row 1
Row 6: repeat row 2
Row 7: *p3, k6, p3, C6b* p3
Row 8: repeat row 2
Row 9: start back at row 1 and keep going for 18-22in

Sew up the 2 edges to make a cowl. Weave in your ends. Wear it fiercely.

Crochet pattern: super classy loo roll holder

I am attending a housewarming party later in the week, and though I was asked to get Amazon vouchers as a housewarming gift, I don’t get paid for a few weeks so decided to make something super classy instead for the man who will be able to buy anything at all on the internet when I get paid.



The pattern is really easy, and I’ve seen a knitted pattern elsewhere but wanted to crochet this one so here’s my take on it:

I used acrylic DK in a dark red and a 4mm crochet hook. You will also need a different yarn for the tassel. I used gold thread but black yarn would probably work too. Obviously, though, I needed my loo roll cover to be as CLASSY as possible.

Please note: the ch2’s don’t really count for anything, I just like to put them in there. Some people ch3 and use that in place of a dc. I think this depends on what your tension is like but I find it gives a neater finish if I use a ch2 and 1 extra dc. If this is confusing, just follow the pattern and you will be ok.

Row 1: Begin with a loop and then ch2, 10x dc into the loop. Pull the loose thread to close the hole in the middle and then slip stitch to close (10 stitches in row).


Row 2: Ch 2, 2 dc into each st, slip stitch to close (20 stitches in row).

Row 3: Ch 2, *dc and then 2dc into next stitch* slip stitch to close (30 stitches in row).

Row 4: Ch 2, *dc in next 2 stitches and then 2dc into next stitch* slip stitch to close (40 stitches in row).


Keep increasing each row by 10 in this way until you’ve made a disc wide enough to fit over a loo roll.


Row 7 (or whatever depending on the chunkiness of the wool etc): ch2 *dc rest of row* slip stitch to close. Repeat until it covers the whole loo roll.


Make a tassel to finish and voila!

Crocheted bog roll fez.jpg