Crochet pattern: super classy loo roll holder

I am attending a housewarming party later in the week, and though I was asked to get Amazon vouchers as a housewarming gift, I don’t get paid for a few weeks so decided to make something super classy instead for the man who will be able to buy anything at all on the internet when I get paid.



The pattern is really easy, and I’ve seen a knitted pattern elsewhere but wanted to crochet this one so here’s my take on it:

I used acrylic DK in a dark red and a 4mm crochet hook. You will also need a different yarn for the tassel. I used gold thread but black yarn would probably work too. Obviously, though, I needed my loo roll cover to be as CLASSY as possible.

Please note: the ch2’s don’t really count for anything, I just like to put them in there. Some people ch3 and use that in place of a dc. I think this depends on what your tension is like but I find it gives a neater finish if I use a ch2 and 1 extra dc. If this is confusing, just follow the pattern and you will be ok.

Row 1: Begin with a loop and then ch2, 10x dc into the loop. Pull the loose thread to close the hole in the middle and then slip stitch to close (10 stitches in row).


Row 2: Ch 2, 2 dc into each st, slip stitch to close (20 stitches in row).

Row 3: Ch 2, *dc and then 2dc into next stitch* slip stitch to close (30 stitches in row).

Row 4: Ch 2, *dc in next 2 stitches and then 2dc into next stitch* slip stitch to close (40 stitches in row).


Keep increasing each row by 10 in this way until you’ve made a disc wide enough to fit over a loo roll.


Row 7 (or whatever depending on the chunkiness of the wool etc): ch2 *dc rest of row* slip stitch to close. Repeat until it covers the whole loo roll.


Make a tassel to finish and voila!

Crocheted bog roll fez.jpg