Ridiculously warm neck warmer


Bought 5 balls of glittery black yarn from Sophie in London Haberdashery and used just under 1 ball on this with a set of 6mm needles.

Initially I wanted to do it in the round but then saw someone on the tube with a horizontal cable knitted scarf and I really liked the way it sat. The twists are pretty easy to do. I bought a kinky cable needle but you could probably use a big safety pin and just slip the stitches back onto the needle. Ymmv.


Cast on a multiple of 18 plus 3
Row 1: *p3, k6* to end of row (RS)
Row 2: *k3, p6* to end of row (WS)
Row 3: *p3, C6f, p3, k6* p3
Row 4: repeat row 2
Row 5: repeat row 1
Row 6: repeat row 2
Row 7: *p3, k6, p3, C6b* p3
Row 8: repeat row 2
Row 9: start back at row 1 and keep going for 18-22in

Sew up the 2 edges to make a cowl. Weave in your ends. Wear it fiercely.