Have you updated your PRINCE2? Nope.

Yesterday I had what will hopefully be the first of several meetings with a guy scoping me out to work with his team. I immediately felt a great rapport with him and wanted to be honest and open about what I bring to a team and what I don't. He asked me something that nobody … Continue reading Have you updated your PRINCE2? Nope.

Running Useful and Successful Meetings

Planning Without wishing to write 1000 words on sucking eggs, depending on the size/importance of the meeting, planning can range from sending out a calendar invite the day before to months of organising. For larger meetings, events coordinators are your best friends and is an often under-appreciated skill for those with the luxury of paying … Continue reading Running Useful and Successful Meetings

Some thoughts on Equality and Diversity

I’ve been told several times in my career that I’m really good at “boring tasks”. I love doing a good job and part of that means taking care of the hundreds of things that go on in the background. Information security, corporate governance, health and safety, and giving people the benefit of the doubt even … Continue reading Some thoughts on Equality and Diversity

North London Stitch Up: Saturday 26th April!

Hooray! It's my birthday today! Just a friendly reminder that the next North London Stitch Up will be on Saturday 26th April from 3pm at the Windmill pub in Cricklewood and then every fortnight at 3pm on the following Saturdays: 10th May 24th May 7th June 21st June 5th July 19th July 2nd August 16th … Continue reading North London Stitch Up: Saturday 26th April!

Reminder: North London Stitch Up next week!

Hey everyone! Reminder about the next free knitting group on Saturday 12th April 2014 at 3pm at the Windmill Pub in Cricklewood. If the weather's nice and you can't see us through the huge windows, we're probably in the garden out the back. As always, feel free to bring a project you're working on, something … Continue reading Reminder: North London Stitch Up next week!

Reminder: Free #knitting and #crochet lessons on Saturday!

Hi everyone! Friendly reminder about knitting this Saturday at the Windmill Pub, Cricklewood from 3pm. I'll be working on my waterfall cardigan, a knitted ribbed rectangle so far, which I expect will take me longer than I originally anticipated but hey ho. Looking forward to seeing what you've got to work on. As always, if you'd … Continue reading Reminder: Free #knitting and #crochet lessons on Saturday!

Reminder: Knitting today! 3pm Cricklewood

Hi All, Really quick reminder that it's the next installment of the North London Stitch Up today! Hope you can make it - 3pm at the Windmill Pub, Cricklewood. EDIT: Did I mention it's free? I've been knitting, crocheting and needling things for ages and I'm pretty good at it and get so much pleasure … Continue reading Reminder: Knitting today! 3pm Cricklewood