Project Lead, Club Soda/Blenheim CDP

Another freelancer project from March-October 2016. Club Soda is a small startup of 3 directors and 2-4 staff with an annual turnover of around £70k. I was brought in to help build an online guide to pubs and bars for mindful drinkers in partnership with Blenheim CDP charity. The startup is led by visionaries Laura and Jussi, who use behavioural science to help motivate people to cut down on their drinking. It’s a bit like Weight Watchers but for alcohol and I was immediately drawn to the project as someone who runs events in pubs!

They had an idea to create an app for their followers to showcase pubs in London that served a really good selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Something like 40% of adults in Hackney choose not to drink alcohol at all, but people still want to socialise. The result is

Working with Blenheim CDP charity, local businesses and councils and the general public, we drew up user journeys, wireframes and a questionnaire for pubgoers and landlords alike. We were thrilled to get so much interest from people and several months later, I am so excited at how the project is going from strength to strength.

Key Achievements

  • Creating an online local pub guide from conception to launch for a Hackney based social enterprise
  • Recruiting and managing the web team (web designer and two developers)
  • Initiated and embedded Agile Scrum events and Kanban to streamline processes
  • Working closely with a behavioural economist to design a responsive UX
  • Managing the expectations of various stakeholders: funding charities, company membership, local business owners, Hackney Council and the City of London Corporation
  • Research and writing comms, branding and marketing for the guide as well as content to go on it
  • Fundraising an additional £80k from local and national health and wellbeing funds and the City of London Corporation

Be A Better You

Freelance consultant role at an education startup team of 6, specialising in personal training courses for adults.

Originally recommended by a friend to help out with some admin, I noticed that there were a few basic processes that could be a bit more efficient. I started out by putting together an office manual to address the dozens of small admin tasks that seemed to stress everyone out. Really simple things from useful contact numbers and post office details to “how to register a new student” and “sending out a starter pack”. None of these had ever been written down before so just having a straightforward checklist took some of the mental strain out of everyday tasks and freed people up to focus on strategy, sales and supporting the tutors.

Once that had been established, the office manager and I set up weekly team meetings where we all talked about things we’d achieved, some challenges we’d come up against and any help that we could offer each other as a group. It was great for building up the team and also helped to motivate people with a sense of healthy competition. Great company to work with, I’m sure they’ll go far!

Key Achievements

  • Designed, led and delivered a comprehensive online data management system for keeping track of student enrolment numbers, profits and attendance
  • Created a detailed business policy to ensure consistent ways of managing day to day processes
  • Delivered measurable improvements in customer engagement and retention

Information Governance

Managing several projects to solve key issues across London concerning information governance: information sharing, data security, obtaining and recording consent, dealing with sensitive patient and staff information, training and development.

I worked closely with different types of organisations providing healthcare including the NHS, local councils and private companies. Working together across these organisational boundaries for the first time, they were able to immediately see the benefits of sharing best practices and encouraging other colleagues to do the same. This was an exciting project to be involved in and clearly demonstrated the merits of collaborative engagement when it comes to solving complex social issues.

Urgent Care in South East London

Working as part of a dynamic team supporting the five main hospitals in south east London – University Hospital Lewisham, Greenwich Hospital, Princess Royal Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas – I coordinated the Director’s On Call Rota to ensure senior management cover at all times, as well as facilitating regular discussions between the hospitals for resource allocation during regional emergencies and other urgent pressures.

North London Stitch Up

A fortnightly knitting group that I set up in January 2014. Links to Cricklewood Residents’ Association and other local groups. We can teach a range of knitting, crochet, and embroidery techniques for all levels of skill, from beginner right up to expert.

Three Wise Magicians

I will be chairing a panel discussion featuring three professional magicians – Laura London, Harry DeCruz and Marc Kerstein – at the Nine Worlds Conference in Heathrow on 10th August.

A Skeptic’s Guide to Spotting Bullsh*t!

At The Summer House Weekend festival, I will be presenting some tried and tested methods for successfully identifying fakery, distortion and downright hogwash in modern media. From dodgy statistics to opinion presented as fact, I’ll be arming you with the basic tools you’ll need to make sure you don’t get fooled again.

The Summer House Weekend Pre-Production

A short but ambitious project – pre-production for The Summer House Weekend festival 14-18th August. In the run-up to the festival, I have been assisting the festival chief with coordinating dancers, artists, therapists, engineers, and crew members to make this the best summer festival yet.