Be A Better You

Freelance consultant role at an education startup team of 6, specialising in personal training courses for adults.

Originally recommended by a friend to help out with some admin, I noticed that there were a few basic processes that could be a bit more efficient. I started out by putting together an office manual to address the dozens of small admin tasks that seemed to stress everyone out. Really simple things from useful contact numbers and post office details to “how to register a new student” and “sending out a starter pack”. None of these had ever been written down before so just having a straightforward checklist took some of the mental strain out of everyday tasks and freed people up to focus on strategy, sales and supporting the tutors.

Once that had been established, the office manager and I set up weekly team meetings where we all talked about things we’d achieved, some challenges we’d come up against and any help that we could offer each other as a group. It was great for building up the team and also helped to motivate people with a sense of healthy competition. Great company to work with, I’m sure they’ll go far!

Key Achievements

  • Designed, led and delivered a comprehensive online data management system for keeping track of student enrolment numbers, profits and attendance
  • Created a detailed business policy to ensure consistent ways of managing day to day processes
  • Delivered measurable improvements in customer engagement and retention