Project Lead, Club Soda/Blenheim CDP

Another freelancer project from March-October 2016. Club Soda is a small startup of 3 directors and 2-4 staff with an annual turnover of around £70k. I was brought in to help build an online guide to pubs and bars for mindful drinkers in partnership with Blenheim CDP charity. The startup is led by visionaries Laura and Jussi, who use behavioural science to help motivate people to cut down on their drinking. It’s a bit like Weight Watchers but for alcohol and I was immediately drawn to the project as someone who runs events in pubs!

They had an idea to create an app for their followers to showcase pubs in London that served a really good selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Something like 40% of adults in Hackney choose not to drink alcohol at all, but people still want to socialise. The result is

Working with Blenheim CDP charity, local businesses and councils and the general public, we drew up user journeys, wireframes and a questionnaire for pubgoers and landlords alike. We were thrilled to get so much interest from people and several months later, I am so excited at how the project is going from strength to strength.

Key Achievements

  • Creating an online local pub guide from conception to launch for a Hackney based social enterprise
  • Recruiting and managing the web team (web designer and two developers)
  • Initiated and embedded Agile Scrum events and Kanban to streamline processes
  • Working closely with a behavioural economist to design a responsive UX
  • Managing the expectations of various stakeholders: funding charities, company membership, local business owners, Hackney Council and the City of London Corporation
  • Research and writing comms, branding and marketing for the guide as well as content to go on it
  • Fundraising an additional £80k from local and national health and wellbeing funds and the City of London Corporation